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NEWS FLASH:   We Moved In on August 26th, 2006

Finally some new pictures have been put up of the finished product!!

This will tell the tale of the construction of our new log home in Estes Park, Colorado. It will be a work-in-progress over the year from mid-2005 thru mid-2006.

This home is intended to be the culmination of a life-time of efforts to finally move back up to Estes Park, Colorado - in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 

Let us introduce ourselves.  We are Jim and Carol Nussbaumer - retired empty nesters who have lived for 30 years in Loveland, Colorado because that was where the job was but was still close enough to the mountains to visit frequently.   Carol was raised in the mountain resort town of Estes Park and Jim had lived there for a few summers and we both love the place and the mountains that surround it.  It is adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park - one of the gems of the National Park system.

We are building a full scribe, hand-crafted log home.

Milestones so far:
Groundbreaking - June 14, 2005
Pour footings - August 2, 2005
Pour basement walls - August 10, 2005
Pour basement floor - August 26, 2005
Start framing basement walls - Sept. 7, 2005
Subfloor installed - Oct 12, 2005
LOG INSTALLATION - finished Oct 21, 2005
Loft framing - Nov 30, 2005
Trusses set - Dec 20, 2005
Retaining wall complete - Jan 13, 2006
Install Great Room Windows -Jan 20, 2006
Electrical Inspection - Mar 20, 2006
Stairs Installed - Mar 23, 2006
Drywall started - Apr 20, 2006
Interior painting started - May 18, 2006
Passed Final Inspection Aug. 23, 2006
**** MOVE IN - August 26, 2006 ****
Latest Photo Updates:
  6/08/06 - Framing
5/15/06 - Excavation
10/15/05 - Foundation
10/20/05 - Log Progress
5/08/06 - Roofing
7/20/06 - Finishing
4/13/07 - Winter Shots
4/13/07 - Finished Interior
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Due to a mechanical problem with the crane at the log supplier - the log set date has been set back from Sept 19th to Oct 17th!!
Sept 12th we discovered that the mailbox containing our permit and stamped plans has disappeared - unknown cause
We got the word from a geologist that a big rock formation behind the house could be unstable and we had to get large bolts installed.
For most of the month of December and into January the winds at the job site have been high enough, often enough that it has been difficult to get the roof put on. They finally started putting up the trusses in late December and by mid January had most of the roof put on.  It has set us back by several weeks to a month.
In May, one of Bob Taylor's carpenters injured himself - at home and not on our job.  This meant a change in crew so a little setback.

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