Day 2 - Machame to Shira
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Tue Jan 15th

Start Machame Camp 8:30am 3000 m 9840 ft
End Shira Camp 2:45pm 3840 m 11,115ft
Distance 6 km 3.7 mi
I slept well - awoke a few times but comfortable.  It was 58 deg in the tent in the morning. I got up about 6 and started off packing my stuff so we would be ready to go after breakfast.  It did not rain over night but about dawn it started raining & didn't truly quit till noon. Breakfast was good - porridge, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, tea etc.  Just like at the hotel, but no omelet.  Great food. 

Dy2_011_Tom.jpg (7291 bytes)
Tom taking a break

Dy2_014_porters.jpg (15296 bytes)
The porters passing us up

We were on the trail by 8:30.  We made slow & steady progress.  Joseph led much of the way and he really went slow and steady - I felt too slow.  Dick & Julie seemed to be having trouble - feeling the altitude a lot.  They made it but were always at the back.  The track was often muddy but not as bad as yesterday.
It was sure steep & just kept going.  It never relented.  There were a few places of rocks that were a bit of a scramble.  We had lunch under an overhang to get out of the rain. I stepped out to take a picture and did not duck low enough coming back in and scraped my scalp on the rocks -a flesh wound only. 

Dy2_022_rain.jpg (9797 bytes)
Joseph and Julie approaching lunch cave

Dy2_019_climbing.jpg (11854 bytes)
Joseph, Dick and Julie climbing

From that cave spot, it was another couple of hours - not as steep overall but still a couple of rocky scrambles that were steep.

Dy2_031_Julie_Dick.jpg (7007 bytes)
Julie, Dick and Joseph in the clouds

Dy2_039_Shira_camp.jpg (8288 bytes)
Shira Camp

  Finally we heard voices and soon came on the campsite at Shira site on the Shira plateau. We were in and out of clouds and in a brief sunny period I got an overview picture of the camp - many, many tents and groups scattered all over a sort of meadow.   We found ours and unloaded about 2:45 Just over 6 hours to go 6km.  The weather was pretty pleasant even with the clouds up and down.  After they brought out the washing water, they said they would be back shortly for the laundry. We had been joking earlier on the trail about the need to find a laundry but did not really expect to get this sort of service.  They deserve a nice tip. I am now sitting in the mess tent typing this while having hot tea, ground nuts and a biscuit.  A rough life.
Dinner was at 5:30 and was good - and plentiful.  It started with soup - I had 2 bowls. Then they brought chicken & chips and rice with a beef stew to put over the rice.  It was like two meals but was good.  We just stayed up long enough for it to get dark and then everybody went to bed - about 7:30. This was a big day.  It was only 840 meter gain in 6 km. Just before bedtime, we were briefly able to see Kibo mountain - it came and went.

Dy2_048_Shira_camp.jpg (6423 bytes)
Shira Camp with mist rising