Meet the Group
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Let me introduce the group:

I am - Jim Nussbaumer - retired engineer from Colorado; 56 yrs old; active with Marion Medical Mission; have been working out for several months in preparation.


Dy7_018_Tom_Horombo.jpg (11045 bytes)

Tom Logan - Marion Medical Mission President; a good friend of mine; in his late 50’s; organizer of this trip; has been working out hard in preparation for the trip.
Daron Wong - Tom Logan’s nephew from San Francisco; in his 30’s; has been climbing hills daily with a 30 pound pack in preparation; was with us in Malawi in 2000.

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Dr. Dick Morgan; 50ish orthopedic surgeon from Marion.  A friend of Tom’s;  not sure of his conditioning - has been doing some walking.
Kristin Morgan - Dick’s daughter ; mid 20’s; college student from Florida; is studying materials engineering; not sure of conditioning.

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Julie Wallace - Physician’s assistant in Dick’s office.  Dick’s girlfriend; 30; not sure of conditioning.